Accreditation of new CIC trainers

New CiC trainers should contact the accreditation officer/ course tutors to discuss the submission of their work. The following standards will be applied. 

Satisfactory completion of an approved CIC Trainers' course

·      Submission of a reflective learning portfolio to course tutor

·      Submission of a video of your work to demonstrate a satisfactory level of supervision skills to Assessment panel.  The trainee can choose any 10 minute segment or more than one segment for assessment. Trainees may have three attempts at the video. Detailed, written feedback will be given to trainees whose video is unsatisfactory.

·      Satisfactory developmental feedback on your teaching of CIC on a suitable course from an ANPH accredited CIC trainer

Standards for video:

Ability to work within the model of the "4 rules" i.e.

1.   Asking simple, open, single questions

2.   Asking questions that follow language and feedback from the interviewee

3.   Not giving advice until the end and then only if requested or needed

4.   Not making any interpretations

Specific use of the 7Cs framework