1.   20 hours over 1 year of work related to training/facilitation/supervision using a narrative/CIC model. 

Training/facilitation/supervision may include:

·      Peer supervision/review

·      Group supervision

·      Training or facilitating on a course

·      Attendance at development workshops

·      Work with clients /patients involving narrative/systemic skills

2.   Participation in 12 hours of interactive continuing professional development related to systemic/narrative practice and supported by documentation of reflective learning

 Reading/discussion/writing of relevant academic papers (at least 2 hours per year)

3.   4 hours of personal supervision per year related to your work in training/facilitation/supervision(this may include 1:1 or within a group)

4.   Participation in peer observation and feedback every 3 years (this means being observed and acting as a observer for a peer)

5.   Maintenance of a reflective log

All events should be supported by completion of a reflective log to demonstrate learning and application to practice. A course report is not sufficient; this needs to be personalised.


 Triggers that may result in a review of this Agreement. It should be noted if the breach is considered to contravene the ethical code this may result in the termination of the CIC trainer's agreement.

 1.   Lack of practice sufficient to maintain/develop skills. This would be viewed as less than 20 hours per annum of training/facilitation/supervision

2.   Lack of evidence (reflective logs, lack of participation in peer observaiton and feedback)

3.   Concern about performance. This may be raised by:

§  Negative feedback e.g. 2 pieces of adverse comments in the year or 1 serious concern

§  Peer observation

Following a triggered concern there will be a meeting with two accredited CIC peers to review the concerns raised and to agree an action plan. While the action plan is being addressed any work undertaken will need to be done with close accredited peer support.


This will occur every 3 years.

A reflective log  should be sent to the accreditating panel who will anonymise the log and send it out to 2 CIC peers for review.

You need to include the following in your reflective log:

Statement of the number of hours of work using CIC model

Reflections on your teaching/facilitation/supervision

Feedback from peer observation and your reflections on this

Any complaints or compliments

During your appraisal, your CPD activities to date will be discussed, and your appraiser will help you to devise a personal development plan (PDP). One item on the PDP will normally be sufficient and will link to the trainer's other professional appraisal


Examples of professional development activities that may be included in your PDP include any work that uses the model of CIC