ANPH  Appraisal Form


Association of Narrative Practice in Health Care: Appraisal Form

 Please list the information requested immediately under each heading. You should consult the accreditation requirements before completing the form to make sure you have fulfilled the criteria:


  Personal Information


o   Professional Information: What is your professional background? (e.g. GP, professional educator etc)


o   Qualifications: Please list your qualifications


o   Memberships: Any memberships of professional organisations or colleges?


Roles & Responsibilities


o   Roles: What current professional roles and responsibilities do you have? 


Which of these involve supervision, mentorship, coaching, training or related activities and who are the clients?


Are there any other ways you apply narrative practice in your work and if so, how?


o   Last Year's PDP: Review of any previous PDP for ANPH registration


Appraisal Information


o   Relevant activity: Please list specific supervision activities, teaching or related activity you consider to be relevant to your membership of ANPH, together with reflections on each. (Please provide dates of each activity, and anonymise any client information).


o   Colleague and Client Feedback: Please give examples of any feedback from colleagues or clients, received in the course of your listed relevant activities.


o   CPD : Please list any CPD you believe to be relevant to your membership of ANPH, together with reflections on each. This might include, for example, conferences, workshops and trainings attended; books, articles and online learning; any other activities you believe have enhanced your professional development as a narrative practitioner.


o   Complaints and untoward events:Please provide details of any complaints or untoward events that  might be relevant to your ANPH registration (including current investigations in any of your professional roles).


o   Proposed PDP: What are your development needs as a narrative practitioner in the next three years and how are you going to meet them?


o   Additional Areas of Discussion: Are there any additional areas you would like to discuss in your peer appraisal?


Appraisal Summary


o   Summary of Discussionby appraiser


o   Signature of  appraiser


o   Signature of  appraisee to agree to the above summary


o   Date