Please follow this link for the notes made after the meeting on 14th Jan 2016 on Ice Breakers led by David Wheeler.

Energy Raisers

CATCH THE C!! (energy raiser)

A. First Round

·      Stand in a circle as for ‘wish/whoosh’ impro exercise

·      ‘Throw’ one of the Cs to another participant who ‘catches’ the C and repeats the word

·      That person then ‘throws’ a new C to a different participant who repeats this (and so on until all the Cs have been mentioned)

B. Second Round (same as first but preceded by group ideas on how it could be done faster)

C. Group reflects on what it was that increased the efficiency and success and how that might relate to working in teams


·      If group is big enough it could be divided into two groups who compete

·      Instead of the Cs you can work your way through the alphabet with each ‘throw’ or with each round.

·      Anything else the group comes up with!

That’s it!