Stories lie at the heart of healthcare


We believe that doctors, nurses and other professionals who can listen to people’s stories and show genuine curiosity about them become more effective healers and can produce better medical outcomes. The Association of Narrative Practice in Healthcare promotes an understanding of narrative ideas and skills among the medical and allied professions.


For those who are new to the idea of narrative or its use in healthcare, click here for a short article called "Why narrative?"

While drawing on the academic field of narrative studies, our emphasis is primarily on practice. We are dedicated to encouraging more attentive and skilful conversations not only with patients but in training, peer supervision, teamwork, management and leadership.


The Association of Narrative Practice in Healthcare is open to doctors, medical students, nurses, health visitors, dentists, health service managers, medical and health educators, psychologists, and to any health professionals or those in training who are interested in applying narrative skills and ideas in health care.


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Photo by Andrey_Kuzmin/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Andrey_Kuzmin/iStock / Getty Images

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